We have a great history with out partners and they love us. MILCLEAN USA delivers a quality cleaning service performance and our “can do” attitude. They love that about us.

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Milclean USA

Warehouse Cleaning Services


“Milclean USA has been providing janitorial services with Broward County Supervisor of Elections during the elections period of the 2016. We have been very happy with the cleaning services.
The staff members are very helpful and willing to do whatever is asked of them, always very pleasant and eager to make our warehouse look great. “

Brenda C. Snipes – Broward County Supervisor of Elections


“Milclean USA has been providing all type of post constructions cleaning services for us. We can describe them as a team of hardworking, reliable and thorough professionals who provide quality services as well as adding a personal touch. The support staff is easy to contact and friendly to deal with.
Milclean USA has given an important contribution to a good environment of our work and a high client satisfaction.
We are very happy to have Milclean USA working as our partner. “


“Their services have shown great diligence in punctuality and efficiency while maintaining clean areas; which is extremely important to our employees and customers alike. MilClean has done an outstanding job in our call center department and the entire office space.
MilClean has provided very helpful and willing staff who go above and beyond and are always pleasant and eager to make our company maintain its cleanliness.”


“This partnership has shown us that they are all about Quality Cleaning Service Performance, even on the most urgent projects.“

Director: MKT, Strategic Accounts – LATAM


“As the President of Spartan of Brazil, I khow what a dependable client means, and all the qualities that a client must possess can be found in the operations of Milclean.“

David James Drake, President, Spartan of Brazil


“They provide all of our cleaning needs and use them exclusively due to their competitive price and reliable and consistent services.“

Ricardo Tenório de Almeida, Director of Operations


“The support staff are easy to contact and friendly to deal with. If there is any issue that needs immediate attention, a support member from Milclean will come down on short notice.“

Richard Marelli, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating


“I have personally seen Milclean’ work and worked with Karina in various projects where she has been an extremely professional and committed collegue with great ability and dedication.“

Ricardo Fuchs, CBSE, I.C.E.

Quality Cleaning Service Performance

“Quality Cleaning Service Performance”